What Can You Do With Old Water Tanks

Water tanks are found in all kinds of domestic and commercial spaces and are used for various purposes. In most Australian households, large water tanks are commonly used to collect and store water. Old water tanks may need to be replaced every five to twenty years when they are past their prime and show obvious signs of damage like leaks or rust. 

After the replacement is in place, you’ll be left with a water tank that has no apparent usage. This leads to most people deciding to either recycle or donate the water tank to get rid of it as soon as possible. And others simply dump it by the curb without giving it much thought. 

However, by taking a creative route, you can repurpose old water tanks to make them useful around the house. So, let’s check out some of these ideas!

What Can You Do With Old Water Tanks | King Gong

Ways To Repurpose Old Water Tanks


1. Turn It Into A Plant Container Or Garden Bed

One of the best functional ways to reuse an old steel water tank is to turn it into a bed for potted plants. First, remove the top of your water tank and flatten its bottom to let it sit on the ground without wobbling. Then, you simply need to fill it with adequate soil and manure to provide a rich medium for the plants. 

Many people have started using thrown-out old water tanks as raised garden beds to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The best thing is that corrugated metal tanks will last in your garden for a lifetime. However, you may decide to paint over it with fun colours to protect the tank from rusting. 


2. Use It As An Inground Pool 

Have a little bit of space in your backyard? You can repurpose the old water tank into an inexpensive inground pool just with the help of a few tools. You can visit the nearby home improvement store to get parts like plunger valves, and a hole saw to turn the tank into a pool. 

Remember to clear out an area in your backyard and check whether it’s leveled before placing the steel tank. You can lay a bit of sand on the ground to create a buffer to prevent the metal or plastic from directly touching the soil. 

The next step is to drill holes with the saw on each side of the tank to install the intake and outtake connectors to the pump. We recommend adding a chlorine dispenser to keep the water clean and fresh. Once everything is in place, you’ll be ready to fill up the pool and enjoy splashing in the water.


3. Convert It Into A Fire Pit 

Instead of throwing away an old water tank, you can turn it into an outdoor fire pit to create a cosy environment in your backyard. Cut the water tank down to your desired length to make it more manageable, and drill some holes in its bottom for proper airflow. Then, load it up with wood and start the fire. 

Those who are a bit niftier can easily turn a metal water tank into a makeshift outdoor grill by adding some legs, hinges, a flue and a firebox. 


4. Create A Compost Bin 

Unable to find a compost bin that fits your budget? There’s no need to worry, as you can repurpose an old water tank to create a new compost bin. Just cut down the tank to the required length and follow the DIY instructions to create a large and effective compost bin for your home. 


5. Recycle It 

In many cases, you won’t be able to salvage water tanks as they are too old to be used for anything. However, you can still cut up the tanks into a manageable size and recycle them as scrap metal. Just make sure to wear protective gear while doing the job. 

Make sure to contact the nearest junkyard or metal disposal facility to learn about the rules regarding recycling scrap metal in your area. If the water tank is too big for you to handle, take help from a professional garbage removal company to make the task easier. 


Hire A Rubbish Removal Service To Get Rid Of The Water Tank 

We get that every homeowner may not have the will to repurpose an old water tank to make it a part of the household. However, they may still hold on to the tank as the thought of disposal can be quite confusing. It’s obvious that you can’t just throw it away with your regular garbage. And dumping a large water tank by the curbside may lead to complaints from neighbours. 

In such instances, professional garbage cleaners come to your rescue as they are well equipped to deal with such clean-ups. All you need to do is call a local garbage removal company and give them all the important information about the tank like its dimensions, weight and material. Based on that, the company will send a team to dismantle, load, and dispose of the tank without causing you any trouble. 

Most such services are pretty inexpensive and don’t require you to invest much time either. Besides, the companies are already aware of the garbage disposal laws, so you don’t need to spend time researching the rules of your area. And many garbage removal companies provide same-day service to make it more convenient for you. 


Final Words 

That’s everything we had to tell you about repurposing old water tanks to create something useful out of them. While working with metal and plastic water tanks, ensure to work with safety as they may have jagged edges. 

Nevertheless, if your choice is to scrap the water tank entirely, be sure to hire a reputed company that has been working locally for some time. Remember to verify the licenses and enquire about the experience to get a smooth, hassle-free garbage removal experience. 

Until next time, goodbye, and take care!

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