10 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Large Amounts Of Office Rubbish

Cleanliness is next to godliness, and rightly so, as maintaining a clean household is imperative for a healthy lifestyle. Similarly, an office without office rubbish prerequisite for focused and productive employees.

How? Imagine walking into your workplace early in the morning, only to be greeted by crumpled paper balls on the floor, waste food overflowing from the bins, and a nasty odour. No one would want to stay there even for a second, let alone work for eight hours!

But the problem is- junk is inevitable in any workplace, regardless of the size and type of the company. Hence, we have compiled different ways in which you can get rid of large amounts of office rubbish, and encourage more productivity and motivation among the employees.


10 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Large Amounts Of Office Rubbish


1. Go Paperless

It is no surprise that a large amount of office rubbish includes paper. But why rely on this finite resource when we’ve got the technology to communicate digitally and conduct many work-related tasks online?

Hence, we recommend setting the printers to double-sided printing, switching to online banking, and emailing your clients/customers to minimize paper usage.


2. Segregate Recyclable Items

Try recycling waste or unused items, especially if they’re made of paper, glass, aluminium, etc. You can also use separate bins for different types of waste, as that will make recycling easier. However, you must check that the bins have distinguishable labels (images will be even better) for every employee to understand and discard office rubbish accordingly.

You can dedicate a bin for organic waste (fruit peels, leftover food, etc.) that can be composted. Later, you can use the compost in your own garden or send it to any farm that may require a natural fertilizer. 


3. Donate Surplus Goods

One man’s trash is another’s treasure. This means large office junk like furniture and electronics can be donated to local charities, or you can hire a rubbish removal service to get that done for you. The only condition is that the items should be usable.

This method will serve multiple purposes. First, you’ll be able to get rid of something you no longer use or require in the workplace. Second, you’ll be helping someone else save up by donating the surplus/used product to them. 

Lastly, you’ll contribute to less waste in the environment, so it’s a win-win situation for all!


4. Remember The Three Rs

Other than reducing your paper usage, there are multiple office materials you can recycle, reduce and reuse. For instance, you can replace the label of an old folder and reuse it instead of buying a new one. Or try using leftover paper as post-it notes around your desk. Packaging material can also be reused multiple times depending on its condition.


5. Switch to Hand Dryers

Toilet rolls, paper towels, and other toiletries create a lot of junk, and unfortunately, most of these products are indispensable in a public setting. However, you can try replacing paper towels with hand dryers, considering how the latter does not use much energy. 

You could also use cloth roll towels, but you must ensure that they are washed regularly.


6. Do Not Buy Impulsively 

This is a golden rule to manage waste not just in the office but also at home and any other setup. Just think about it- if you buy exactly what you need, there won’t be much waste around the workplace. So, start by making a list of items you require on a monthly basis. 

Accordingly, bulk up on stationery and non-perishable goods to minimise the use of packaging material. On the other hand, buy smaller portions of perishable items to avoid wastage. 

You can even hire a store manager to supervise the usage and storage of various office goods.


7. Empty Bins Regularly

Office rubbish tends to pile up quickly, especially printouts and coffee cups. Hence, it becomes imperative to take the trash out regularly to avoid the accumulation of junk, germs and bacteria. Not to forget that waste food in the bin can attract a host of pests in the workplace, turning it into a sore sight for all. 


8. Invest in Long-lasting Products

Instead of going for cheap products that will only last a few uses, consider investing in durable items. Since they will last longer, you won’t have to worry about large amounts of office rubbish accumulating every now and then. 

Apart from furniture, try opting for renowned brands when buying printers, desktops, and other devices. Basically, put your money into something that you are confident will last for years to come.


9. Eliminate Old Electronic Equipment

Catching up with technological advancements is a never-ending struggle. But discarding outdated equipment, worn-out laptops, broken hard drives, etc. can help you make more space for better, updated technology. 

Also, keep in mind that e-waste must be discarded carefully, preferably with the help of a professional rubbish removal or recycling company. 


10. Get Everyone Involved

Of course, you can take the first step towards cleanliness, but there’s only so much one person can do when the rest are carelessly creating a mess at work. So, conduct company-wide meetings, reward all types of efforts towards environmental stewardship, throw office parties from the savings resulting from the cost-cutting measures, etc.

This way, you will be able to involve everyone and encourage them to make environmentally-conscious choices and minimise the production of office junk. 


Final Words

In the initial stage, you may need to put some extra effort into getting everyone to cooperate in your quest to minimise and eliminate office rubbish. Hence, we recommend presenting facts and figures on how every action counts in making the workplace clean and clutter-free. And as mentioned above, do not forget to reward every and any effort, no matter how small, towards waste management. 

With this, we’ll be signing off now but stay tuned for more useful guides. Until then, go green!

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